This API enables you to fetch the DNS records (SPF, DKIM & C-Name) for a domain added in your account. These details are required to be configured for domain authentication and email branding.

What is SPF and DKIM? And why these are important to have?

SPF– Sender Policy Framework. It is a simple email validation system designed to detect email spoofing.

DKIM– Domain Key Identified Mail. It is a method to validate the authenticity of email messages. Incorporating SPF & DKIM into your DNS settings help you to improve your email delivery.

What is CName? And when is it required?

A CNAME, or Canonical Name record, is a record that points to the domain address rather than an IP address.

If you wish to use a subdomain for email delivery, you have the choice of using CNAME records or SPF & DKIM records.

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