Credits & Daily Limits

It is imperative to understand how credits & daily limits work on Pepipost platform to send emails.


Based on your subscription plan, each account is assigned a certain amount of credits per month. The number of credits determines how many email requests Pepipost would process for your account.

For most parts, one credit equates one recipient. So if you have six recipients in your API request, we will deduct six credits from your account.

Please note - We deduct credits even if the recipient email address is invalid or suppressed.

Daily Limits

If the delivery of your email request is not complete, It is either due to lack of credits or you have reached your daily limit.

We assign a daily limit on every account to safeguard the misuse of Pepipost platform from potential spamming & harassment of recipients.

Based on the history & performance of your account’s mailing activities, Pepipost automatically increases your daily limit. You can also submit a request to increase the limit through Pepipost user interface. We will review your request and modify your daily limit accordingly.

Please note: We do not drop your request, we process your email requests on the next day when the daily limit resets.