Current Version

The current version v5 was released on 18th May 2020.

Previous Versions

Versions Status
2.0 Active, Full support available
1.0 Version is scheduled to be deprecated on 31st September 2020.

API Changelog

This represents a log of all changes to the API in version 5.

Release [18-05-2020]

General Changes

  • Nomenclature changed from camelCase to snake_case.
  • CNAME records removed from all APIs.
  • Events API(/events) replaces Logs API(/logs)

Send Email

  • Structural changes to Send Email API
  • Support for multiple email address in To field.
  • Support for recipient name in To.
  • attachment parameter is now also provided locally within the personalization object.
  • content & ampcontent are now merged into a single parameter.
  • schedule parameter facilitates scheduling functionality
  • x-apiheader is changed to token_to.
  • x-apiheader_cc is changed to token_cc.
  • token_bcc has been added for recipients in bcc.

Domain API

  • Domain ID is provided in response message in ‘add a domain’ API.
  • New APIs added [Get list of domains, Delete Domain]

Suppression API

  • Single API to suppress email address (and/or domain).
  • Single API to remove email address (and/or domain) from the Suppression list.
  • Multiple email addresses (or domains) can be suppressed or removed simultaneously.

Subaccount API

  • Credit type can be assigned at the time of creation of subaccount.
  • New API added - Retrieve list of subaccounts.
  • Update Subaccount API replaces ‘Change email address’ API, ‘Change credit type’ API and ‘Change password’ API

Events API

  • Introduction of pagination using scroll ID.
  • Introduction of aggregate status to fetch logs for multiple events simultaneously.